Credit & Debit Solutions

Why Processing with Curry & Associates, Inc. Is Different


We Believe in Small Business

The people who work at Curry & Associates, Inc. are part of a small business themselves. We don’t like paying “usage and convenience” charges any more than you do.

Each of our customers has a different business process and different needs. Once we know how your specific business works, we can tailor a proposal to your needs that will give you the most value from credit and debit card transactions.

We Minimize the Cost of Processing

Curry & Associates, Inc. helps businesses, small and large, accept all payment types from e-commerce to mobile wallets and chip card acceptance. We offer superior service to help our customers minimize the cost of processing and better monitor/manage merchant services expenses.  We even offer hardware, software and reporting options to give you the best value.

We Provide Better Customer Service

Improving your cash flow and protecting data to better serve your customers through:

Credit and debit services

to consolidate all processing, settlement, and support services for Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® Network, American Express®, JCB, China UnionPay, & Diners Club International® cards.

Secure network to process

Smart/Chip cards, Mobile wallets like Apple Pay™ and Android Pay™, Contactless payment cards, PIN debit, Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT), Corporate and Purchasing cards, & Fleet cards.

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