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Devices That Make Payments Easy For Customers – and YOU


The Smart Terminal

Our compact terminals – just like our mobile and tabletop solutions -- feature everything you need to easily and more securely process your customers’ payments.

The Smart Terminal is an all-in one perfect solution for business -it allows you to take payments in the store, or at the counter and features encryption and tokenization to help keep your cardholder data safe.

Terminal Capabilities - You Have Choices!

  • Contactless payment capabilities providing your customers a convenient way to pay with cards, key fobs or mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android pay
  • Credit and PIN Debit
  • Supports our Gift and Loyalty program
  • PIN Entry Device (PED)- compliant PIN pads
  • Supports both EMV and magnetic stripe cards
  • Quick Payment Service (QPS) allowing a “No Signature” option
  • Automated download feature keeps your payment application up-to-date

Countertop Terminals

Secure and simple processing. Wireless Long distance capabilities, with Smart/Chip Card/ EMV Technology. Features a mobile and countertop credit card terminal, printer, signature pad, PIN pad, and docking station.

  • Card authentication/verification to protect against counterfeit or lost/ stolen cards
  • Fewer fraud-related chargebacks from stolen/skimmed cards
Smiling woman paying for coffee by credit card

A Turnkey Solution

  • WIFI capabilities enable you to take the checkout (and tipping) to your customer, inside or outside your business.
  • Processes all payment types - magstripe, chip (EMV) cards, and mobile payments such as Apple Pay (NFC)
  • With encryption and tokenization, your customers' data is protected by the latest technology.
  • Includes a dedicated support team to help whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Access your business dashboard where you
    can monitor your sales, refund transactions, and settle with one click.


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