Payment Security/PCI

How do you protect payment card data?

Nothing to Find, Nothing to Steal™

As a business owner you understand the importance of keeping your business safe. You protect it from fire and theft, but what about data security?

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With 80% of data card compromises taking place in small businesses1, it is more important now than ever to adopt the right security response to protect your business from a costly payment card data breach.

That is why we offer Tokenization and Encryption Services. It provides multiple layers of protection including: payment encryption, payment tokenization, PCI-DSS compliance made easy, and card data breach protection reimbursement.2

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1 PCI Security Standards Council
2 See program specifications and conditions for details regarding the specific financial coverage available

Benefits of Tokenization & Encryption Services

It is a unique protection plan that provides your business with multiple layers of protection like encryption and data breach protection.

Payment Encryption

Scrambles payment data at the point of entry so it is unreadable as it travels to the issuing bank and card brands for approval.

Payment Tokenization

After authorization a unique token replaces your sensitive data. This is useless to thieves but enables you to perform follow-up transactions the same way you do today.

PCI-DSS Compliance

Our PCI program has useful tools that can save you valuable time confirming compliance. PCI compliance paired with Tokenization and Encryption Services will pre-fill 60% of the questions in the SelfAssessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

Card Data Breach Reimbursement

Our Tokenization and Encryption Services offers your business peace of mind with the protection of financial reimbursement in the event payment card data is ever compromised while using Tokenization and Encryption Services.


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